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Discussion about the project: ixbar3000.
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1Year 2013 & ib3k326 June 2014 09:41
2ixbar3000 v0.15220 November 2012 17:43
3ixbar3000 v0.14413 November 2012 18:54
4Known Bugs1 8 November 2012 16:37
5Welcome to the registeration-free forum.1231 October 2012 20:19
6Parsing is actually optional!229 October 2012 16:03
7Messing with MESS229 October 2012 16:01
8Emulation under Linux228 October 2012 17:23
9Compatibility list available!228 October 2012 15:01

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Year 2013 & ib3k (2)

1 .

Christmas dwarfs told me that I should add the following features:
- Migration tools for Gamebase, HyperSpin and for something called Exodos -> ib3k

yeah, no bugs reported. And those features aren't exactly light-weight :/

Based on the various logs I can presume that we have roughly 7 users. That's not many, but it's a start. And while I don't really care about the numbers; more users would give more feedback and thus they would help the project.

I probably have to do some _ugh_ marketing... So I shall create a small button! That will be awesome.

2 .

Right, so I did some research and thus:

- Although gamebases databases do have valuable information, they're in JET-db format. Which is microsofts proprietary db format and I couldn't find any sane method of converting the data. Sure I could write my own parser, but It'll take forever and there probably are some tools ready somewhere.
- Generally Gamebase is very similar to ixbar3000 and migrating shouldn't be too difficult (only the db is a problem).

- Images from HS are already supported as the two projects share the same name convention.
- HS stores it's data in XML, which will be relatively easy to import.

- Very interesting project. Some metadata can be processed as it's stored in the files.
- Images have watermarks on them! :C
- It also has custom dosbox config-files for each entry.
- And then there's the case of what system to use (in ib3k). DOS falls into IBM-PC compatible section, but Exodos != No-intro. So should I create new entry for exodos or replace No-Intro's one?
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3 .

You do not need to download any soft or register. You can create as their pics and reply to others. No rules, no limits!
All visitors are guaranteed complete anonymity.

http://demotivation.biz - true freedom of communication!

ixbar3000 v0.15 (1)

1 .

New features!
- Support for soundtracks! (location: ./EXT/OST/$SYS/$ROM/all.pls)
- GUI for editing emulators!
- Support for manuals! (location: ./EXT/MAN/$SYS/$ROM.pdf)

- Escape for '-char

Video Demo 014: http://youtu.be/cwLQLkIFM4M

2 .

New features!
- Variation for romlist (Marquee & Titles, only as eyecandy for now)
- GUI for activating systems! (restart is still needed)

- RD-Parser fixed (& -> &)
- Better support for smaller resolutions.

ixbar3000 v0.14 (3)

1 .

- Will have NoIntro, ReDump and MAME parsers done.
- Database scheme has changed. Which means that once again the code is a mess, but loading has been simplified (no validation). Which means that loading RD (and other multi rom instances) should be possible to implement.
- Setting a romdir will be deleted as the current way to point is to type the directory into the load-file.
- A per-parsed NI-database will be provided.

- TOSEC support. It should be possible to use the No-Intro parser for Tosec-datfiles too, as they seem to be of similar syntax.

- the RD-parser works, but is incredibly slow! Parsing ~7M file takes 15 minutes.

I'll finish the missing features and do some testing, expect 014 within the next two weeks.

2 .

- Playstation support added!
- N64 support added!
- CacheManager.

3 .

- Statistics-tab enabled (and fixed ;))
- System Images!

4 .

And finally:
- Corporate-data.

Now 014 has all the features disabled in 013 back!

Known Bugs (0)

1 .

Post your bug reports here.

- Redump-parser: should sort it's entries, even though the datfile itself isn't sorted.
- Redump-parser:remap & -> &

Welcome to the registeration-free forum. (11)

1 .

Personally I hate registering into forums only to post few posts. So I installed this kusabax-forum that allows anyone post!

Let's see how this goes. :)

10 .

1. i totaly agree : using more than one "VIC-20 - system" is nonsens.....

2. i don't know how the parsing works on your "FE", but all no-intro roms are included in the TOSEC - SET.

I think your parsing works on the CRC32 checksumm like ecc does ?

I'm also working on a "Screenshotpack" [title&snaps) for the vic-20.
So, for this system , an imagepack is not the problem ;-)

3. well, i also don't use Hyperspin. I'ts a great project for real Acarde Cabinetts, but not a FE on PC.

4. don't know, if you are familiar with eCC (eCCemuControlCenter) , but for me it is the best Multi-Frontend with many Feuatures....
the only problem with ecc is : it is not very fast...

but eCC2 (written in java, still in developement) has nearly all the Features that ecc has, and it is fast ;-)
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11 .

2. Yes, but I recall that they have some sets with different checksums (N64).

3. True that.

4. ECC was my favourite as well (although very slow :)). I'm no longer Windows user so I had to look for alternatives and as they were none to suit my needs.. ixbar3000 was born.

I made a CBM-launcher to ixbar3k, so now it's possible (I hope :)) to start VIC20 too. I won't release it as a patch for I have to fix a certain issue with multi-rom entries and stats.

12 .

well, ecc2 is written in java. Author is "DerMicha75" from ecc-forum.
You should take a look to his FE.

however, i'm looking forward to your project ;-)

Parsing is actually optional! (1)

1 .

That is if someone provides a database file (text.db) with parsing already done! It would save time.

2 .

So yesterday, I parsed most NI-datfiles into one db.
This will save your time by 2-5 hours! And it'll be available in the next update.

Messing with MESS (1)

1 .

I've been thinking that MESS should be the fallback emulator. In other words: if there's a "proper" emulator for a certain system use that.

To load MESS:
mess a5200 -cart "$DIR/$ROM"

ixbar3000 doesn't support MESS, as there's a preset. In this case "a5200 -cart", before the rom. Adding support for presets isn't that hard, but the "-cart" part is disturbing. As it can be harddisk, floppydisk, cassette, cartridge, ..!

2 .

Ok, So MESS is now supported.
Also now it's possible to use Preset / Postset values.
-> toggling gfx, audio, fullscreen, etc

Not available to DL, yet.

Emulation under Linux (1)

1 .

Nice occasionally, pure hell usually.

There are few emulators that work well and easily (= the way it should be): ZNSES, fceux.
Then there are those, which need slight extra work (= manual extract and moving files, like in windows): Fusion

And then there's the 'up in the ass of timo' -approach, which require compiling, moving system files and generally poking stuff that the end user really shouldn't touch:
I tried vice on my Ubuntu yesterday and although it installed easily as the software is in the repository, it failed to run as the repo has no roms. In commodore you'll need a rom even when you boot the system.

I also tried atari emulator 'atari800' which required compiling! Well there were a readme that guided the process, but at the end I couldn't run that either as it also required boot-roms! They were included in a separate package, but the readme failed to state where these should be moved into...

Sometimes things just work better on windows... :/

2 .

Ubuntu Repos for MAME/MESS

Compatibility list available! (1)

1 .

It's located at the end of the guide: http://imxn.net/ixbar3000.php

It has all the systems that NI provides datfiles for. Once it's a lot greener, I'll re-activate the RD datfiles. ;)

2 .

Kega Fusion under Linux is fantastic! It ran every sega and gave no errors!